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You don’t need to travel to have a fun experience with your family!!  This year they predict a surge in staycations as people put off traveling with the threat of the coronavirus looming.  Instead of planning your summer vacation, plan to make your home the outdoor retreat that you have always been dreaming about.

Bringing the outdoors in is a trend that started years ago but the idea has gotten bigger and bigger every year.  Full-size kitchens, TVs, Fireplaces, automatic screens or shades, and water features are all common additions to the outdoor spaces. The key to designing an outdoor living space is to emphasize the natural beauty of the surrounding area while offering all the advantages and comfort of indoor amenities.

Whatever your dream outdoor space is, we promise you it will be better with the right outdoor lighting. You want to use your space to enjoy relaxing outside well into the evening and you can do that with the right lighting.

Here are a few areas to consider adding lighting to in your outdoor living space.Outdoor Living

Pool – Your number one concern when spending night hours around the pool is safety. Everybody needs to be able to see where the edge of the pool is at night. By placing several underwater lights along the rim of the pool, the water becomes both a reduced hazard and a centerpiece of light.

Walkways – To avoid trips and falls, consider LED path lights positioned in your landscape along the path at providing just enough light to chase away the shadows without blinding your guests.

Dining Table – Adding a chandelier or other mood lighting over the table, not only allows you and your guests to see what you are eating but sets up a relaxing dining area.

Create a space that is perfect for a family bbq or a small intimate gathering of friends.  Make every day a vacation in your outdoor living paradise.  If you would like to discuss how best to design the lighting in your outdoor living space, give us a call today – 210-710-7737.

Outdoor living

Written by : devmc

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