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While curb appeal is important as you get ready to sell your home, it is also important while you are living there so you can enjoy it.  Your house and property can really stand out when you create curb appeal and you definitely can spot a house when it is lacking curb appeal.  Landscape Lighting is a very important part of creating curb appeal and it can really be an opportunity to showcase your personality.

So where should you get started?  What should you focus your limited budget on?  Here are a few recommended places to get the biggest bang for your buck as you start out on your landscape lighting project.

  1. Update your porch fixtures. The selection of light fixtures continues to expand and there is a fixture for every home style and every budget.   Updating these not only improve the look of your home at night but also during the day.
  2. Light the way – Create a clear path to your front door with path lights.  Path lights look the best when they are blended into the garden beds and aimed at the walkway.
  3. Uplight a favorite feature of your home. Pick a feature you love about your home or property and showcase it with lighting.  Maybe it is a large live oak tree in your yard or a fountain in a garden bed or the front porch of your home.

Landscape Lighting Guru often works with clients who want to do the project in phases and we are happy to do it.  We can come out for a free evaluation and recommend how best to stretch your budget.  We will give you a quote and a breakdown of the recommended phases and then you decide when and how you want to get started.

We often find that once a homeowner sees the dramatic difference the outdoor lighting can make to their home or property, they are eager to start the next phase of the project.  Want to learn more?  Give us a call at 210-710-7737 today!

Written by : devmc

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